Just $50k to go!!

We are $50,000 short of our target, please help us to complete our extension and continue to provide the expanding services our community needs

You can donate directly into our building fund account today:

BNZ "Cambridge Community House Trust" building fund bank account (receipts can be provided):

Please donate to help us extend the House for our services

We have the land, now we need to raise the money to design and build it. That's where you can help, we need donations and/or sponsors so that Cambridge Community House can continue our great work.

Cambridge Community House Trust has helped thousands of local people over the last 33 years, with demand for our services doubling over the last 4 years.

We are running out of space, due to increasing demand, we need to build a new house, creating more room to meet this need.

Anyone can find themselves experiencing difficulties, our community services are easily accessible and free for many of our community. We act quickly, focusing on their needs to improve both mental  and physical wellbeing.

Mental wellbeing:

  • 1 in 6 New Zealand adults experience mental illness at some time in their lives
  • it's the third-leading cause of health loss
  • last year more New Zealanders died by suicide than road traffic fatalities
  • 1/3 of families are negatively effected by alcohol and drug use

This building project will cost approximately $500,000

Sponsors and/or donors will have opportunities to:

• feature on our website
• advertise via our Facebook page
• have naming rights for aspects of our new building
• make appearances in the media, in relation to fundraising for our project and throughout the  building process

If you can help us and/or require further information, please contact:

Harriet Dixon, General Manager, phone 07 827 5402 or email harriet@camcomhouse.org.nz

Or, you can donate directly via the "Cambridge Community House Trust" building fund bank account which is BNZ numbered (receipts can be provided):


You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution has helped our trust to continue to serve our local community with much needed services

A huge thank you to our funders who have made this project a reality!