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About Us

Cambridge Community House is a registered charity, promoting personal, family and community wellbeing in Cambridge, Waipā

We support the people of our Cambridge community. People like you.
Our support can include counselling, supporting your whānau, assisting with family harm incidents, budget advice and other community services.
That’s the big stuff. But, because we walk alongside the people of our community, we offer support for the small stuff too. We find school uniforms for your tamariki. We help you apply for jobs. We support you to meet immediate kai needs. We speak to other organisations on your behalf. We’re on your side.
Cambridge Community House is a safe, warm and supportive place to come for support. Our whare is welcoming, so you will be comfortable here. Through strong ties with people, their families and other organisations, we offer you understanding, encouragement and education.
We are friendly and professional, with everyone. No bias. No discrimination.
Scroll down to meet our team.

Our Team

Our team is here to support, not judge.
We are all experienced and qualified in our specialist areas and ready to help you.

Gabby Byrne, General Manager -  Cambridge Community House

Gabrielle (Gabby) Byrne

General Manager
Gabby became part of the team in March 2022, in the position of General Manager.With previous management experience through working in Waikato Public Health, Sport Waikato and the National Autistic Society (UK) Gabby brings a wealth of both people leadership skills and practical understanding of delivering health and social services into and with communities. Her empathetic leadership style means she loves to see the whole team at the Cambridge Community House flourish, enabling skilled compassionate support and services for the community.
Gabby, a proud New Zealander, together with her whānau have lived in Cambridge for more than 20 years. She enjoys the beautiful outdoor spaces Cambridge and the Waikato offer and values opportunities to keep active and well.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Amy Watkins, Welcomer and Administrator -  Cambridge Community House

Amy Watkins

Welcomer and Administator
A Cambridge hometown local, Amy started at the Cambridge Community House in July 2021.  After working in management at The Warehouse for 20 years, Amy has wealth of people centered customer service experience.  Together with her calm and empathetic nature Amy is a supportive and experienced welcomer and administrator.
Amy is also Community Champion for Maniapoto Family Violence Intervention Network and uses the acquired skills tools and recourses from this position to help herself, friends, family, colleagues, and community be informed on family violence and make first steps towards living violence free.
Amy’s key focus at the Community House is to be warm and welcoming to everyone who comes through our doors and help guide them to the support services they need.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Jill Dimond, AOD Practitioner and Senior Counsellor -  Cambridge Community House

Jill Dimond

AOD Practitioner. Counsellor and Counselling Team Leader
Jill has worked at Cambridge Community House for the past 16 years and is qualified as both a general counsellor and alcohol and drug Counsellor. Jill also provides professional supervision and leads our counselling team. Jill brings professional knowledge, wisdom, and skill from her years of experience working with and for tangata whaiora and whānau. Jill is warm, approachable, easy to talk to and works with aroha.  Jill acknowledges the importance of working through and resolving issues, and with manāki carefully supporting change to be achieved and mana restored or enhanced.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Andrea Edmonds, Counsellor -  Cambridge Community House

Andrea Edmonds

Andrea joined the counselling team at Cambridge Community House in February 2021. She works here at our whare as a general counsellor three days a week. Andrea is a bicultural practitioner whose practice encompasses the importance of; manākitanga and kaitiakitanga; providing a welcoming, non-judgemental, safe and supportive space for tangata whaiora/clients to connect to their mauri/wairua and to awhi/support them to live a meaningful life. Andrea has experience working with rangatahi/youth and tangata whaiora who present with mental health issues and traumatic experiences.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

James Cumming, Counsellor -  Cambridge Community House

James Cuming

James joined the team in July 2020. He is working at the Community House as a general counsellor. He is experienced with working with youth and adults.  He has experience working a range of issues including depression and anxiety, grief and loss, and relationships. James also works two days a week at Counselling Worx in Hamilton. He is very caring about his clients and works to the best of his ability to help clients achieve solutions that work best for them.
James' favourite quote is: "There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality."  (Anthony Robbins)
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Marilyn Bird, Counsellor -  Cambridge Community House

Marilyn Bird

Marilyn is a well-qualified AOD Practitioner/Counsellor - Bachelor of Applied Social Science Counselling and Graduate Certificate in Health Science, Addictions Pathway.
Marilyn has been working in alcohol and drug field for six years and is now also working in general counselling.  Marilyn is caring, compassionate and has an optimistic outlook.  Marilyn is passionate about health and wellbeing and works alongside clients supporting them to achieve their counselling goals.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Lucy Sheehan

Lucy started at Cambridge Community House in September 2021, having emigrated to Aotearoa in 1999 from England.  Lucy works as a general counsellor who is passionate about upholding the principles of partnership, protection and participation in line with Te Tiriti O Waitangi. Lucy works from a narratively informed counselling approach which is based on the idea that throughout life people create narratives or stories to interpret and understand their experiences. Lucy works with tangata wahiora/clients to strengthen and highlight their unique abilities for overcoming problems.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Dianne Carter, Family Harm Whanau Worker and Counsellor -  Cambridge Community House

Dianne Carter

Counsellor, Family Harm Whānau Worker and Team Leader of the Whānau Support Team
Dianne has been a counsellor for 22 years and has been a part of the Community House team since 2013. Dianne works three days a week as a Counsellor and Family Whānau Worker, specialising in Family Violence support and intervention along with general counselling and couples work.
Dianne works with individuals, couples and whānau affected by family violence, and works alongside other agencies to ensure that the best level of support, care and safety planning are provided.
Appointments are one hour long.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Gary Aoake, Whanau Support Worker - Cambridge Community House

Gary Aoake

Whānau Support Worker
Gary is an outgoing person who specialises in smiles and laughter. His time with us at Cambridge Community House began as a volunteer in March of 2021 as part of his social work degree, and now works as a Whānau Support Worker. Whether it be to help you out of a jam or support you in achieving your goals, he incorporates a chilled theoretical approach to support you on your journey. Gary is a firm believer that everybody deserves a chance at a happy life and looks to provide advocacy and resources to make it happen.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Katie Phillips - Budget Advisor - Cambridge Community House

Katie Phillip

Whānau Support Worker              Joining Cambridge Community House in 2019,  Katie is an experienced Whānau Support Worker who provides Cambridge people and their whānau with calm support and guidance.  Katie is empathetic and understanding of situations, walking alongside you to meet your goals in a confidential and kind manner.  She brings experience in providing advocacy where needed with organisations such as ACC and Work & Income. Katie is a mum of young tamariki and understands the trials of juggling a busy life and would love to support you. There is no charge for appointments

Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Annette Willis - Whanau Support Worker, Cambridge Community House

Annette Willis

Whānau Support Worker
Annette provides social work support to people and their families. Her skills mean she can walk you through whatever is going on for you, to minimise the overwhelming feelings. She is gifted at keeping everyone calm in a crisis and will be there when you need her support. She is a strong calm presence, providing advocacy, support and guidance to meet your goals.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Gina Lowe - Whanau Support Worker, Cambridge Community House

Gina Lowe

Whānau Support Worker
Gina has a background in mental wellness and is a great networker. These skills and experience help her link her clients and their families to the services they need. She combines her networking skills with advocacy, to get the best results for the people and families she works with.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Sandra Muirhead - Budgeting Advisor, Cambridge Community House

Sandra Muirhead

Financial Mentor - Team Leader
Sandra is a trained and qualified financial mentor, with over 15 years' experience in the financial mentoring sector. While she is highly skilled and very knowledgeable about setting financial priorities and managing personal finances, she also has a compassionate approach to assisting with these. Sandra is well practiced with insolvency procedures and has a separate role as a Debt Repayment Order Supervisor working for the NZ Insolvency and Trustee Service.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Leanne Koorey, Budget Advisor - Cambridge Community House

Leanne Koorey

Financial Mentor 
Leanne has been with the Cambridge Community House since 2019 as a trained and qualified financial mentor. Using a strength-based approach Leanne is there to walk along beside you supporting people who are struggling, setting financial goals, and prioritising debt obligations.
Leanne also has the experience of being self-employed for a number of years.
If it’s just having a chat about your finances or putting a money plan in place, please see Leanne. There is no charge for appointments.
Leanne is also a facilitator for our MoneyMates program.

Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Nicky Revell - Budget Advisor - Cambridge Community House

Nicky Revell

Financial Mentor
Nicky is a qualified financial mentor at the Community House, joining the team in February 2021. She is caring and compassionate towards the people she helps to work through their finances. Providing advocacy with creditors and organisations like Work & Income, she will walk alongside you to reach financial stability.
If it’s just having a chat about your finances or putting a money plan in place, please see Nicky. There is no charge for appointments.
Nicky is also a facilitator for our MoneyMates program.

Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Ruth Nicholls - Violence Free Waipa Coordinator, Cambridge Community House

Ruth Nicholls

Violence Free Waipā Coordinator
Ruth has a passion for stopping violence and abuse in Waipa. She is skilled connector, bringing some of the best support programmes in New Zealand to our community. Ruth has a focus on prevention and runs the secondary school 'Loves Me Not' programme. This teaches tamariki about healthy relationships, keeping themselves safe and looking out for each other.|
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Francis Radloff

Community Connector 
Francis has been involved in the charity sector since 2018 and joined the team here in April 2022. He worked for a London charity running wellbeing and transport projects and managed the response to the first UK Covid related lockdown. Francis is the Community Connector for Cambridge and its local area. The Community Connector Service tries to link people with the appropriate local social service. If the pandemic has affected getting back to normal life, Francis may be able to assist with finding some help, or at least point in the right direction. He is kind, caring and very approachable. The service is free and available to anyone who makes contact, and a plan can be made to meet face to face or by phone.
Phone: 07 827 5402
Email us:

Our Board

​Our board is a group of volunteers with diverse experience. They meet monthly to provide oversight and strategic guidance to the operation of Cambridge Community House.​

Carolyn Casey - Chair
Jeff Nobes - Treasurer
Robyn Parker - Trustee
Diana Grantham - Trustee
Coralee Carr - Trustee
Stewart Matthews - Trustee
Cliff Comins - Trustee

Governance of the Cambridge Community House Trust

The Cambridge Community House Trust is an incorporated charitable trust;
our number on the Charities Register is CC45448.

Cambridge Community House. Cambridge Registered Charity

Our logo

Our logo forms the shape of a leaf, representing growth. The top part of the leaf is the outline of Maungatautari and represents strength, while the vein of the leaf represents the Waikato River and spirituality. The Awa and Maunga emphasise our strong ties with Cambridge.

Our gorgeous gardens

Thank you to Linley Fife of Line&Design, who has put a lot of time and effort into our garden. We look forward to nurturing it, and watching it flourish, as we do our clients who walk through the doors at Cambridge Community House.



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