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What To Expect From Your First Alcohol And Drug Counselling Session

Waiting for your first drug and alcohol counselling session might make you feel a bit nervous. But there’s no need to worry. Most people are a bit shy about going to their first session. So it’s perfectly normal to be a bit nervous.
When you first meet your counsellor you’ll start a full alcohol and drug assessment. This is really comprehensive and  could take several sessions to complete.
The idea is to identify what you may need and develop a plan to help you achieve some clear goals. We work with you to put strategies in place to support you and the changes you want to make.
Each session usually lasts an hour. Sessions typically happen weekly or fortnightly.
Counselling can be a journey, but it’s definitely not one you have to take alone. Your counsellor may see you on your own or with support from your whanau, a friend, or a caregiver. Your counsellor will be a partner. They will give you information and talk to you about who else you could discuss your difficulties with. They can also arrange cultural support, or refer you to someone more appropriate if you have very specific needs or challenges. Counsellors can, with your consent, act on your behalf. Finally they can also help you get into a residential drug or alcohol treatment programme.
In the meantime, information at these links may help you better understand the challenges you are facing.
Whatever the outcome of your first session, you will be supported. You will never be judged and we will always do our best to find ways to help you, no matter what you are dealing with.
If you’re ready to take that first step to being better, contact us to book your session today.


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