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What To Expect From Your First Counselling Session

Heading into your first counselling session might make you nervous.
Don’t worry, you are not alone. Lot’s of people feel nervous when they are trying something new. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Our counsellors are naturally kind and caring people. They’ve also been trained to help, developing skills they can pass on to you for dealing with life’s situations. After the first few sessions most people say it is a very positive and beneficial experience.
One of our clients described the experience like this: “Everyone has been kind and respectful. My counsellor has been so helpful, kind, warm and non-judgemental. I can recommend them.”
Each session usually lasts an hour. Sessions typically happen weekly or fortnightly. Sometimes just one appointment or a handful sessions are all that is needed.
Counselling is about addressing and resolving issues. Counsellors help you to identify options and choose between them. They can teach you new skills to cope better with problems and lead you to a greater understanding of what is occurring. Counsellors can support your recovery from a significant life event.
Counsellors achieve this by helping you explore your emotions, thoughts and behaviour. They encourage you to become more aware of yourself, your values and what motivates you. They will help you to plan and set goals and work on ways you can improve your relationships.
Over the course of a few counselling sessions you might expect to gain fresh clarity and perspective on the issue you are facing. You may learn new ways to make decisions. Crucially you’ll also learn strategies for dealing with negative feelings and emotions. As you learn these new skills you’ll get a greater understanding of your personal strengths and the things you really do well.
Counselling can be a journey, but it’s definitely not one you have to take alone. Your counsellor may see you on your own or with support from your whanau, a friend, or a caregiver. Your counsellor will be a partner. They will give you information and talk to you about who else you could discuss your difficulties with. They can also arrange cultural support, or refer you to someone more appropriate if you have very specific needs or challenges.
Whatever the outcome of this first session, you will be supported. You will never be judged and we will always do our best to find ways to help you, no matter what you are dealing with.


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