Money Mentoring Information

The Cambridge Community House is funded by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to provide a Money Mentoring Service. Our Money Mentors have been trained to a high standard, and continue to receive regular ongoing training. This is a free service.

What we DO:

  • Provide expert advice and share our knowledge of other resources
  • Treat your information confidentially
  • Ask a lot of questions in order to understand your situation best.
  • Help you to prepare a financial plan of action
  • Contact and negotiate with other parties e.g. – creditors and other relevant parties

What we DO NOT do:

  • Take control of your money
  • Lend you money
  • Tell you what to do

If you decide to make an appointment below is a list of information to bring on your first visit.

What you need to bring to your first budgeting appointment:

Evidence of what you earn
(pay Slip or Work and Income benefit breakdown or Bank Statement)

Information about your outgoings

  • Latest Bank Statement
  • Rent/Mortgage/Board Costs
  • Recent Accounts; Power, Phone etc
  • Finance Agreements
  • Hire Purchase Contracts
  • Court Fines or Proceedings
  • Credit Card Statements

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