Alcohol and Drug Counselling

An Alcohol and Drug Counsellor can:

  • Provide education around the effects of alcohol and drugs
  • Assist you to change or stop use of alcohol or drugs
  • Aim to reduce harm to yourself and others
  • Plan and set goals to make positive changes
  • Assist you to maintain any changes you wish to make
  • Improve your general health and well being
  • Explore your emotions, thoughts and behaviour
  • Become more aware of yourself, your values and what motivates you
  • Improve your relationships
What to expect:

A full alcohol and drug assessment is carried out at the start, and could take up to several sessions to complete. This will identify what you may need and then a plan is developed and strategies are put in place to support you and the changes you want to make. Sessions are one hour long and occur weekly or less frequently.
Sometimes people are a little nervous or worried when first coming to visit a counsellor. This is normal! After the first few sessions the majority of people would say it is a very positive and beneficial experience.
The counsellor may:
  • see you on your own or with support people
  • give you information
  • discuss with you who else you could talk to about your difficulties
  • act on your behalf with your consent
  • refer you to someone more appropriate if required
  • assist you to enter a residential treatment service

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Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous hold regular support groups here at the Community House. If you are interested in attending a group please contact us for more information.